Senior Artist & Game Developer | BAFTA Breakthrough Brit
I currently work as an artist at award winning Copenhagen based indie studio, Playdead. Previously, I worked in Brighton at The Chinese Room. In August 2015 The Chinese Room released Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, which has received critical acclaim and 10 BAFTA nominations as well as over 40 other awards.
I am passionate about game development and engaging in social and political change through art. I give talks on the importance that a diverse workforce can have on making creative games and experiences through encouraging equality and inclusivity. I also aim to engage young people and encourage diversity within the industry as a STEM Video Games Ambassador with Ukie and a Women in Games Ambassador
In 2014, I was featured in Develop’s 30 Under 30 as one of the game industry’s rising young talent. In 2016 I became a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit, BAFTA Crew member and BAFTA Guru Pro in recognition of my achievements to date.
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